InstaVin Review

In a Nutshell

InstaVIN is a real-time car history service compatible on a mobile phone or online with critical data provided on location via SMS text messaging. The patent-pending portable solution from InstaVIN is precise, inexpensive, and simple to use. InstaVIN is one of the few significant car history services to include real-time government title and brand information through a collaboration with the NMVTIS, although the general track records may seem not as deep compared to other car history services. InstaVIN provides consumers, auto dealers, and brokers with comprehensive, up-to-date data, all at a fraction of the cost. All decoder's accounts contain a proprietary "Vehicle Valuator" guide based on local markets with real-time auto values. All this and else makes InstaVIN a competitive car history checking tool for the needs of a standard consumer.


  • Far more inexpensive than most other car history reporting services
  • Text-based service that connects directly with customers rather than targeting dealers
  • Mobile VIN scanning solution
  • 'Buy 2 Get 1 Free' agreement that enables shoppers to save even more on car history checks


  • Not as much data as rivals reported in general
  • No subscription scheme for shoppers wishing to compare many cars or dealers; for more credits need to call sales team

Database Model

InstaVIN reports provide NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System) title data, which offers title and salvage information in real time. Every report is verified for over 100 information points. According to InstaVIN, their reports also include extra source and proprietary information not accessible to other suppliers of history reports, including theft data, sales listing information, open link data with disclosure of financial institution, impound and towing incidents and minor accident data where available. Also, InstaVIN reports comply with the salvage sticker law in California, which requires dealers to provide customers with a history report based on NMVTIS.


MobileTrac is the car history service provider for InstaVIN. NMVTIS is managed by the American Association of Administrators of Motor Vehicles (AAMVA) and supervised by the United States Justice Department. NMVTIS is the only car history database needed by federal legislation to report their information to all countries, insurance carriers, and junk rescue yards. With fresh access to NMVTIS information, MobileTrac operates with underwriters, guarantee and insurance firms, funders, retailers and auction houses to provide one of the most extensive junk/salvage/total loss, odometer, title, and brand information. MobileTrac data is also accessible for recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and classic cars as opposed to other significant car history services.

Industrial Strength

InstaVIN may be as one of the leading suppliers of car history reports, providing quick access via mobile applications. By scanning the VIN bar code, loading from current pictures, or entering the VIN manually, users can rapidly run a free VIN check and get an InstaVIN Vehicle History and Title Report. InstaVIN was the pioneer of the mobile VIN scanning solution and is now available for Android devices free of charge on Google Play. The car history app optimized for iOS devices is also accessible on the iTunes store.


  • History of the accident including town, state and incident date
  • Cost of base MSRP invoice
  • Clunkers Cash (
  • Junk / Salvage / Total Loss data including comprehensive contact information
  • Indicators of the odometer issue
  • History of ownership
  • Real-time Vehicle Valuations (an average asking price of local retail)
  • Title and brand information, including 61 distinctive (prospective problems) brand indicators
  • 24-point vehicle specifications decoded from the VIN

In the field of used car purchasing, vehicle history disclosure is a key to transparency and customer satisfaction. InstaVIN provides this information and receives a big bonus from us.

Pricing and Deals

InstaVIN provides online complete vehicle history reports for just $7.99. They get cheaper if you buy 2 (for $15.98, also get 1 free) or 6 (for $27.99).

Also, InstaVIN offers Window Sticker with Factory Options. It costs $9.99 and includes:

  • original factory installed options
  • the detailed original options list price and the total list price of the vehicle when new
  • VIN-specific factory exterior and interior colors transmission and engine specs, entertainment and upgrade packages, safety features, etc.

Customer Support

Customers can check out the FAQs for the answers to the most common Customer Service questions including refunds. You can also contact InstaVIN via phone or email, but the site does not offer inquiry submission window. InstaVINs' working hours are from 9 am to 5 pm US Pacific time (UTC - 08:00), Monday - Friday (except US holidays).

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where does your vehicle data come from?
  • What is NMVTIS?
  • Why did I receive the message ‘No Data Available’?
  • What states participate with NMVTIS?
  • Does instaVIN® have vehicle history reports for Classic Cars?
  • Does instaVIN® have vehicle history reports for Motorcycles & RVs?
  • Are instaVIN® reports available in Canada or other international countries for exported vehicles?
  • Are all accidents included on instaVIN® reports?
  • Is current or past owner information included on instaVIN® reports?
  • How can inaccurate data on a History Report be updated?
  • What does "Active Theft" or "Recovered Theft" records mean?

While InstaVIN is undoubtedly affordable, we are more concerned with whether or not it is a credible source of data. For precision, their accounts appear to be hit or missed and with fewer points recorded than carVertical, Carfax or AutoCheck. InstaVIN may not be the best option for affordable car history accounts without the capacity to truly trust that the little data they give is completely robust. Consumers who want to save cash and get more data about a vehicle history may be better off checking out VIN Audit or other rivals.